Ramu Hardware Mart


Sanitary hardware includes the products that are used in constructing and maintaining the bathroom appearance and decoration. Includes showers, faucets, holders, tubs, sinks, commode, taps, fitting materials etc. They are devices of porcelain enamel, stainless steel, or other material. Our products provide you wide range of exquisite designs and various features to enhance your bathroom decor pleasantly. The perfect mix of elegance, class and modernity in the designs will surely give an ultramodern touch to your washroom. Available in a choice of colours, the collection’s neutral and pure lines perfectly embody and manifest the spirit of modern living. We offer value driven products which are easily affordable and also feature sterling quality. The bathroom fitting products we provide have high durability and expert craftsmen design you simply can’t refuse.

Our Guarantees

  • Superior quality products with catchy price tag
  • Extreme variety of brands to choose
  • Durability and credibility
  • Trendy and youthful designs
  • Value for money guaranteed