Ramu Hardware Mart


"Clothes make the man" is a well-known proverb - well you could also say "Colours make the room".
Elaborately designed wall and ceiling surfaces are a feast for the eyes and give you a clear idea of the personality of those who live in these four walls. Whatever you're painting, it's important to use the best paint you can afford -- even if that means stretching the project budget a bit. We at Ramu Hardwares, provide top-quality paints that are designed to produce the best-looking and long-lasting results. They provide a smoother, more uniform appearance and can last more than twice as long as cheaper paints. In the long run, that saves money because you don't have to repaint as often. For exterior work, a properly prepared surface coated with our high-quality paint will also require less maintenance between paint jobs. You probably won't have to clean off mildew or worry about excessive chalking, peeling, or cracking. Likewise with interior work, our top-quality paint not only lasts longer, it also resists dirt and stains and stands up to cleaning better than lower-line paint.

Our Guarantees

  • Long lasting - Resists from corrosion, atmospheric effects and manual tampering
  • Superior Finish and pleasing appearance
  • Highest Quality at lowest price
  • Seal of assurance
  • Attractive variety of colours and products