Ramu Hardware Mart


A cement is not merely a binder, a substance that sets and hardens and can bind other materials together but its bonds your beautiful dream construction together with strength, trust and happiness. The cement’s quality is determined by various chemical and physical attributes such as Early strength, late strength, durability, water reduction properties, colour. As a matter of fact, when you throw some cement in a bucket containing water, the cement should float for some time before sinking. So, you can easily differentiate between top quality cement brands and those containing impurities. Ramu Hardware Mart takes pride in providing very high quality cements and help our customers to choose wisely from variety of options available. We sell only BIS certified cements that provide high strength and durability. We assist you in choosing the right grade of cement as per your need without any haste. With the availability of various building materials like sand, bars etc Ramu Hardware Mart provides the strength you wanted for your dream house! Grace your house with the power of trust!

Our Guarantees

  • All leading brands are available
  • BIS certified cements
  • All grade cements are available
  • Top quality cement can assure safety of your home for long period
  • Genuine products with quality machine stitched bags